Tips & Tricks

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  • Maximum perspiration absorption
  • No cold feet
  • Seek advice from a foot specialist


  • As soon as you take off your shoes, it is recommended to also remove the MYSOLE™ insoles. This allows perspiration fluids to evaporate, which will prolong the lifespan of the insoles. It will also maximize the absorption efficacy of the insoles.


  • The MYSOLE™ insoles should never be placed on or near any source of heat or flame; this would affect the insole shape, and can even make the leather top-cloth shrink or tear.


  • It is recommended to keep at least two pairs of MYSOLE™ insoles available, and use both pairs in alternation. In this way the insoles can dehydrate after wearing, which can help to slow down their wear and tear.


  • The MYSOLE™ insoles are washable. It is recommended to wash them on a regular basis, with warm water and a cloth, to prolong their lifespan.


  • It is advised not to apply any deodorant or other products to the MYSOLE™ insoles.


  • To ensure optimal efficacy of the MYSOLE™ insoles it is important to close the shoes firmly.


  • Over time the MYSOLE™ insoles are expected to lose their functionality. Once this starts to happen, it is very important to immediately replace them.


  • In case the MYSOLE™ insoles do not provide the expected benefit, it is recommended to seek advice from a foot specialist.

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